About Us

We are seekers. We are dreamers. We are believers.

We are a community of college students and postgraduates who are pursuing God and being transformed by His love for us. We all come from different backgrounds and we each have a unique story to tell. Some of us have a strong faith foundation and some of us are exploring God for the first time in college. What unites us is our shared passion to know the God who created us, rescued us, and transforms us in Jesus Christ.

Our name.

What’s the story behind your name?” That is a question we get a lot.

No, we are not a church of chemistry students. Our name is actually rooted in a story from the Gospel of John, a scene from the life of Jesus. And it captures perfectly what we are all about at H2O.

A woman went to a well to get water. She was doing something ordinary, something she had probably done a thousand times before. But while she was there, she met Jesus. She didn’t know at first that He was God. But during their conversation it became clear that Jesus was not just an ordinary man.

Jesus told her the things she pursued to find life were empty and would leave her more broken. Then, while she filled a jug with water, he offered her something that would quench her deeper thirst. He called it living water and he was talking about himself. He told her that what she needed most was to be transformed by the God who knew her every struggle. And that’s exactly what happened as she embraced Jesus by that well. Her life was radically changed and she couldn’t wait to tell her family and friends.

You are doing something ordinary. Going to college. Writing papers. Making friends. Changing your major. What if, just like that woman at the well two thousand years ago, Jesus wants to change your life? We are all looking for life, purpose, and belonging. And we look in lots of places to find these things. But in the end it’s only Jesus, the One who made us, who can give us exactly what we are looking for.

Our story.

Back in 2008, we were 20 people with one dream: to plant a church in a college town for college students and young adults.

Some of us had prayed for years about starting a new church, and some of us had just graduated college and were looking for an adventure. We visited Kent a handful of times and were struck each time by the need for a gospel centered church on campus. We sensed God leading us to move here, so with the blessing of our previous church, H2O BGSU, we were sent out to plant H2O Kent.

God has grown our church over the years, not just in numbers, but in character and maturity. What was once something we could only imagine has now become a reality. We were—and still are—just ordinary people compelled by the need for Jesus at Kent State. God met us here and used us to plant a church that has impacted the lives of hundreds of young people. We are blown away by the power and goodness of God.

Our story continues. We dream of planting dozens of churches out of Kent, sending out teams of people to go to new cities and new campuses in need of Jesus. We believe young men and women who are now students at Kent State will join us—some as staff members and most as graduates with a heart for the gospel—in planting new churches in places we trust God will make known to us.

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