Smoky Mountain Retreat

Practicing Spiritual Disciplines in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park

We want to take a team down to the Great Smoky Mountains National Park in May 2021...and you are invited to apply to be part of that team! We are taking applications and if there are enough people who commit to join, we can make it happen!

Each day will primarily focus on seeking God’s presence through Bible study, meditation, extended prayer, worship, and solitude. Where we will be staying - Wafloy Mountain Village - places trip participants on the doorstep of the national park so these practices can be pursued while hammocking near streams, skipping stones in rivers, taking walks through the woods, or sitting on a blanket in a field. There will also be a “free” day for day hikes and extra napping. The goal of this trip is to put participants in a good position to hear from and be ministered to by God, either for the very first time or to build on this practice in their lives.

Here is where we’ll be staying:

Due to housing and cost limitations, everyone who is interested in participating must apply to be considered. Click the button on the right to complete the application as soon as possible!

We are confident that with the right procedures in place the trip can happen safely and effectively even in the midst of COVID-19. That said, significant precautions are still necessary at this stage of the pandemic and all applicants and trip participants must agree to abide by the precautions put in place by trip leadership. If anyone fails to comply with the precautions before or during the trip, they may be asked to not attend or to leave early.

The approximate base cost is $350 per person and you must be able to complete payments by May 8th. (Note: there is space on the application to indicate if you need to arrive after May 15th or leave before May 22nd.)

All questions can be directed to AJ Ozanich:

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