Youngstown Spring Break Trip

Join H2O staff and students on a Spring Break road trip to learn about and assist the newest H2O Church in our network, planted from H2O Kent over the Summer of 2022.

When & Where

Saturday, March 23 to Thursday, March 28

Starting and ending at Kent State University

What to Expect

We're going to learn about evangelism and church-planting. And we're going to actively engage in evangelism and church-planting throughout the course of this short, five-day Spring Break experience.

More Details

Where We're Going
The Youngstown metro area is home to about 500,000 people. The student body at Youngstown State University is 11,000. But there is surprisingly little in the way of an organized Christian presence on the campus of YSU. We'll be staying with host families from the H2O YSU Team, getting oriented to the city of Youngstown and the campus of Youngstown State University, helping out with weekly ministry rhythms, and helping to broaden the impact of H2O YSU through making new connections on campus.

What to bring:

  • A week's worth of clothes and deodorant
  • Some travel toiletries, especially deodorant
  • Ski mask and snorkel, maybe?
  • Your Bible and a journal
  • Your best road trip playlists
  • Your friends
  • Whatever else you might need
  • Deodorant
H2O Church
P.O. Box 614
Kent, Ohio 44240