Who We Are

Our staff team.

Our team is a quirky group, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We love leading a collegiate church together. When it comes down to it, we believe that college students have incredible potential. That is why we take it as a great privilege to lead this community. While we are on the same team, we are rather different, too. Take a look below to see for yourself!


Eric Asp

Pastor of Mission and Outreach

On staff since: January 1999

Hometown: Shelby, Ohio

What did you study in college?: I got my Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Bowling Green State University. My major was Telecommunications (Television Production), and my minor was Creative Writing.

In my free time: In my free time I run, write, and raise my family. The running typically happens in training for half-marathons and the occasional full-marathon; the writing is usually short-form prose; and in between it all I have the privilege of raising three energetic children—Elliot, Olivia, and Cor—together with my wife Marci.

Favorite books: Life After God by Douglas Coupland; Through Gates of Splendor by Elisabeth Elliot; The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway; The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

Blogs/News sites I read: Grantland, This American Life, Post Secret, ESPN

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I have a great-uncle who built a replica Viking ship in a potato warehouse in western Minnesota and then organized a crew who sailed it from Lake Superior across the North Atlantic Ocean to Norway in 1980.

How I found H2O: I got involved with H2O as a freshman at Bowling Green State University. I went to college as a “church kid” who had a sense that I ought to find a Christian community on campus—but I had no idea that getting involved in a living, breathing, New-Testament-style church on campus would initiate a dramatic spiritual renaissance in me. Throughout my university years, I was really brought to deal with the lust, hate, and pride in my life and find my purpose in living for Christ instead.

Chad Frank

Pastor of Leadership Development · H2O Akron

On staff since: June 2000

Hometown: Louisville, Ohio

What did you study in college?: Physical Therapy

In my free time: Riding my motorcycle (Honda Shadow) and playing & watching sports

Favorite books: Wild at Heart by John Eldredge; Since Nobody’s Perfect, How Good Is Good Enough by Andy Stanley

Blogs/News sites I read: Bill Simmons, Pardon the Interruption, The Thundering Herd

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I briefly considered becoming a hand model.

How I found H2O: I heard there were good-looking girls there [true story]. Now happily married.

Matthew McClure

Pastor of Community Formation

On staff since: June 2004

Hometown: Liberty Center, Ohio

What did you study in college?: I graduated from the University of Findlay with a double major in political science and criminal justice. My plan was to attend law school, but God had others plans for my life. I finished a Master of Divinity degree at Ashland Theological Seminary in May 2015.

In my free time: I love to read theology books, visit coffee shops and bookstores, and spend time in rich conversation with new and old friends. My wife Tiffany and I have the joy of raising four kids, Mason, Phoebe, Naomi, and Norah. Our living room routinely transforms into a dance floor, soccer field, tea party venue, and a zoo (we play the animals).

Favorite books: Hands down my favorite is The Cost of Discipleship by Dietrich Bonhoeffer. Other books that have shaped my life and theology include: Simply Christian by NT Wright, The Contemplative Pastor by Eugene Peterson, and The Provocative Church by Graham Tomlin.

Blogs/News sites I read: I read lots of theology blogs, including Jesus Creed, The Gospel Coalition blogs of Justin Taylor and Jared Wilson, and Gospel Centered Discipleship.

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I wear skinny jeans and I know how to do roofing. I love a good scarf in the winter and I grew up with pigs, cows, and chickens as my pets. I enjoy expensive coffee and I dream of owning a fishing boat. I am from a town of a thousand people and I daydream about living in a big city. Sometimes you’ll think I am a textbook hipster, and other times you’ll think I’m a country boy. I like to keep you guessing.

How I found H2O: I got involved late in college. I joined and helped lead another ministry group right after becoming a Christian my sophomore year of college. As a senior, I was looking for a church and was encouraged to check out H2O. Also, there was this one special girl who I knew was involved in the church (she is now my wife).

Jason Slack

Pastor of Worship

On staff since: January 2002

Hometown: Mansfield, Ohio

What did you study in college?: Undergraduate: BS in Business Education; Graduate: MA in Education, MA in Christian Studies

In my free time: In my free time I love to play with my three kids, go on dates with my wife, run with my dog, eat chicken wings with friends (Jammin’ Jalapeño), lead backpacking trips with the local high school, and budget.

Favorite books: Lately I’ve been enjoying books by Henri Nouwen, Bob Kauflin, Tim Keller, and Andy Stanley

Blogs/News sites I read: Backpacker Magazine, Runner’s World, Christianity Today

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I’ve never broken a bone or had stitches. My grandpa was in the army at Pearl Harbor when it was attacked. I have a fear of heights, flying in an airplane, being in small spaces, and cutting my toenails.

How I found H2O: I came to college as a new Christian and filled out an H2O survey card on campus during the first week of classes. Someone followed up with me that same night and invited me to a Bible study in my residence hall. After that, I started meeting people from H2O all over the place! They were in my classes, dining halls, and dorm!


Daniel Chepke

Prayer Team · The Well · Life Groups · Outreach Team

On staff since: May 2016

Hometown: Youngstown, Ohio

What did you study in college?: I got my BA in Communications from The Ohio State University.

In my free time: I try to keep my hopes alive of being drafted into the NBA by taking basketball too seriously at the REC Center a few times a week.

Favorite books: Fresh Wind Fresh Fire by Jim Cymbala

Blogs/News sites I read: ESPN, The Players’ Tribune, my mom's Facebook

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I have played basketball with LeBron James.

How I found H2O: Heard about it from friends my senior year of high school. Decided to go to college based on H2O Church and the space it provided me to focus on my relationship with Jesus.

Brooke Davis

Discipleship · Life Groups · Outreach

On staff since: August 2018

Hometown: New Philadelphia, Ohio

What did you study in college?: *deep breath* Communication Studies with a concentration in Interpersonal Communication and a minor in Global Communication.

In my free time: I like to share meals, play games, and go on walks with my friends. I also enjoy swimming, reading, knitting, and driving my mini van.

Favorite books: Life of Pi by Yann Martel, A Severe Mercy by Sheldon Vanauken, In The Name of Jesus by Henri Nouwen, Every Good Endeavor by Timothy Keller.

Blogs/News sites I read: The Guardian, Babylon Bee, and I listen to maybe too much NPR.

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I had the opportunity to lobby for international, anti-human trafficking legislation on Capitol Hill. I can also wiggle my ears.

How I found H2O: A friend from my hometown invited me to the kickoff service my freshman year. I’ve been involved ever since!

Julia Flower

Worship Team · Discipleship · Life Groups

On staff since: June 2018

Hometown: Broadview Heights, Ohio

What did you study in college?: I got my BA in Communication Studies with a focus in Interpersonal Communication.

In my free time: In my free time I like to: explore new places, drink good coffee, play guitar, watch New Girl, and chase sunsets.

Favorite books: The Chronicles of Narnia series by C.S. Lewis, The Reason for God by Timothy Keller, and The Ragamuffin Gospel by Brennan Manning

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I can belch really loud #sorryEricAsp

How I found H2O: My youth pastor at my home church knew one of the H2O staff members at the time. He emailed him two months before I came to Kent so that I could be connected right away. I checked out the very first service with my friend Kelly Powell and (clearly) haven’t turned back since!

Tyler Herzog

Production Team · City Life Group

On staff since: May 2016

Hometown: Dalton, Ohio

What did you study in college?: Computer Science

In my free time: I run, listen to music, play board games

Favorite books: Ready Player One, Atlas Shrugged, The Hobbit

Blogs/News sites I read: Reddit, Jalopnik

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I worked on a farm in high school

How I found H2O: Cards night in the student center basement in 2009. I met Jason Slack and Chad Frank.

Nick Larson

On staff since: January 2017

Hometown: Dayton, Ohio

What did you study in college?: Communication Studies

In my free time: Running, reading, conversations

Favorite books: Mere Christianity, The Pastor, The Phantom Tollbooth

Blogs/News sites I read: FiveThirtyEight

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: My family’s claim to fame is elbow coin flipping!

How I found H2O: Recommendation of a pastor at a retreat

A.J. Ozanich

Music Team · Discipleship

On staff since: June 2015

Hometown: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

What did you study in college?: Architecture

In my free time: I spent time with friends over food, deep conversation, and occasionally sport. I enjoy reading, playing guitar, singing, running, swimming, sketching, and occasionally knitting.

Favorite books: Impossible to answer, but I’ll say Hunger for God by John Piper, followed closely with Radical by David Platt, and Shadow of the Almighty by Elisabeth Elliot. And The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen.

Blogs/News sites I read: Poiema; SiezedByAGreatAffection; Audrey Assad; My Notes

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I’ve been to 10 countries in the past 3 years and lived in four of them for at least a month.

How I found H2O: I found out about H2O when two of our pastors (Jason and Chad) invited me to play KanJam with them during welcome weekend my Freshman year. They invited me to church and I never turned back!

Lauren Woolum

H2O Kids Team · Production Team

On staff since: June 2015

Hometown: Marysville, Ohio

What did you study in college?: My undergrad was in Technology Education (the former Industrial Arts) and teaching is still a passion of mine. I also studied technology management in manufacturing at the graduate level.

In my free time: I like to cook for other people, hike, watch movies, talk about car problems, and most of all, build things out of wood.

Favorite books: The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom; The Book Thief by Markus Zusak; The Pursuit of God by A.W. Tozer

Blogs/News sites I read: The Gospel Coalition; Eric Asp

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: When I was in the 6th grade, I was a part of an after-school basket weaving club. I loved that club. It started my love of building things out of wood: “you started out with thin and pliable and made your way up to thick and hammer-able.” #ThingsMichelleSays

How I found H2O: My freshman year, I had pretty much no plan for what would happen when I moved to Kent. Thankfully, my friend Maegan from Marysville came to Kent at the same time and she is WAY more organized than I am so she had researched a bunch of churches beforehand. Sunday morning of welcome weekend, she asked if I wanted to check out H2O with her in the KIVA, and the rest, as they say, is history. I was wholeheartedly welcomed into the community and I dove in headfirst and have been a part of the church ever since!

Brian Yinger

Production Team · Music Team · Video

On staff since: April 2012

Hometown: Wapakoneta, Ohio

What did you study in college?: Visual Communication

In my free time: I host a podcast called We Like Dota, pour coffee at Starbucks, play a lot of games, and read books.

Favorite books: The Dark Tower by Stephen King

Blogs/News sites I read: Reddit, Gosu Gamers, Liquid Dota

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I can lick my elbow.

How I found H2O: Arriving on BGSU’s campus, I was looking for a church. I had a friend who already was a part of H2O, and said they needed a drummer.

Associate Staff

Mark Brewer

Teaching · City Life Groups · Discipleship

On staff since: February 2007

Hometown: Richland, Washington; North Augusta, South Carolina; Celina, Ohio

What did you study in college?: I studied Integrated Social Studies at Bowling Green State University for my undergrad and Special Education at Kent State at a graduate level

In my free time: I spend time with my beautiful wife Stephanie and our adorable kids, Agnes and Ezra. I love to cook, and I also train for the occaisional marathon.

Favorite books: Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster; The Reason for God by Timothy Keller; The Furious Longing of God by Brennan Manning

Blogs/News sites I read: AV Club, Politico, FiveThirtyEight, Desiring God

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: When not working as a part time staffer for H2O, I’m a full time Special Education teacher at Theodore Roosevelt High School in Kent.

How I found H2O: Coming into college as a Christian, I knew I needed to find a community right away. Some brave people at H2O didn’t let the fact that I had a red mohawk intimidate them and they asked me to fill out a survey. I quickly fell in love with the community, the opportunities to serve, and all of the people who were serious about following Christ in college.

Eva Frank

H2O Kids Team · Discipleship

On staff since: October 2008

Hometown: Wellington, Ohio

What did you study in college?: I started out an Art major and ended up with a degree in Biology

In my free time: I like to do anything sporty, crafty, or outdoorsy…but, more often than not, I just do laundry.

Favorite books: Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne; Blue Like Jazz by Donald Miller; Iggy Peck, Architect by Andrea Beaty

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I was addicted to Intramural sports when I was in college.

How I found H2O: I was invited by a couple girls on my dorm floor when I was a freshman at The Bowling Green State University

Tiffany McClure

H2O Kids Team · Discipleship

On staff since: October 2008

Hometown: Napoleon, Ohio

What did you study in college?: I graduated from Bowling Green State University with a degree in social work.

In my free time: I love spending time with my family, visiting coffee shops, getting lost in IKEA, and watching Downton Abbey. Also, I love spontaneous dance parties in the living room with Matthew and the kids.

Favorite books: Soul Healing by Tammy Smith is my favorite. Others I really like are: An Unhurried Life by Alan Fadling, Grace Awakening by Chuck Swindoll, and Secure in the Everlasting Arms by Elisabeth Elliot.

Blogs/News sites I read: I love the website She Reads Truth and I am addicted to Pinterest.

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I love getting my groove on at my Zumba class. I get so excited about scoring deals at garage sales that I once jumped out of a moving vehicle when I saw something I really wanted.

How I found H2O: My older sister Lindsay was involved in H2O and I visited a few times while I was still in high school. I knew when I started college I wanted to make H2O my church.

Kayla Scheufler

Experience Team · Discipleship · University Relations

On staff since: June 2012

Hometown: Sandusky, Ohio

What did you study in college?: Speech Pathology and Audiology

In my free time: I play guitar and sing. Listen to music. Watch movies. Read. Play games.

Favorite books: Lord of the Rings by JRR Tolkien

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I like to dance and pluck my eyebrows obsessively.

How I found H2O: I knew I needed to find a church on Bowling Green’s campus (where I started my college career) and I saw a flyer for H2O! I went the very first Sunday and kept going after I attended a fusion (similar to our life groups here at Kent).

Lindsay Slack

H2O Kids Teams · Discipleship

On staff since: July 2004

Hometown: Napoleon, Ohio

What did you study in college?: I graduated with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and am a licensed social worker.

In my free time: In my free time I enjoy a good cup of coffee, spending time with the people I love, and thrifting.

Something interesting, or an odd fact about me: I was a college athlete. I competed on the Bowling Green State University diving team through all my four years of college.

How I found H2O: Coming to college, I was in a position where I was searching for a Christian community and friends. God graciously placed me in a dorm hallway with people that loved me well and wanted to find God in college. During the first week of my freshmen year, I overheard the girl next door say she was going to check out H2O. I ran over to her room and said I would go with her!

Our partnerships.

Planting churches on college campuses is an ambitious mission, and we humbly recognize our need to be supported in this work. Here are some of our partners that make our ministry possible.

Reliant Mission. Reliant Mission is a missionary sending agency that employs each staff member of H2O Church. Reliant partners with missional churches and gospel-centered nonprofits to mobilize support-based missionaries for the Great Commission. Each staff member is supported by the generosity of individuals who give to Reliant Mission on their behalf. Through the work at Reliant Mission, we are given the opportunity to do this work full-time.
Find out more about Reliant.

Collegiate Church Network. The Collegiate Church Network is our primary ecclesial affiliation. We adhere to Collegiate’s doctrinal statement and governance guidelines, receive coaching from network leaders, and enjoy close relationships with the staff of other Collegiate churches. There are currently 15 network churches on or around major universities throughout the United States. H2O Church is glad to be partnered with a larger network of churches with a vision for planting churches on campuses and reaching young people with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Find out more about Collegiate.

H2O Network. Within the Collegiate Church Network, the H2O Network functions as a network of churches that share a common name and geographic proximity. Currently, the H2O Network is a collection of seven churches, six of which have been planted since 2008. Each church has a unique expression based on the culture of its campus, yet we share a common ministry practice and a commitment to planting collegiate churches in and around the state of Ohio.
Find out more about the H2O Network.

North American Mission Board. We are privileged to be partnered with NAMB in its commitment to supporting collegiate church planting in the United States. Our partnership with NAMB brings us into relationship with other collegiate churches outside our own network, allowing us to learn from others engaged in this unique work of planting churches for college students. NAMB also helps provide our staff with ongoing training and resources to equip us in our work.
Find out more about NAMB.

Emerge Counseling. While our staff are experienced in supporting and counseling young people, we recognize that there are situations and circumstances that require professional counseling. For this reason we created a partnership with Emerge, a Christ-centered professional mental health agency located in Akron. Our partnership allows Kent State students to receive regular or occasional counseling at significantly reduced costs and without the burden of traveling to the main counseling center. Counselors will arrange times to meet with students in private rooms on the campus of Kent State. If you are interested in seeing an Emerge counselor or have questions about counseling, please contact our staff liaison Eric Asp.
Find out more about Emerge.

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