Whether in Kent or across the world, the summer season between semesters is an opportunity to read the Bible together.

Check out the tiered list of different Bible Genres below.

To participate, begin by reading Tier 1, at least one Gospel along with the book of Genesis. Accomplish more tiers by following the breakdown below! You must finish a previous tier before starting the next.

At the end of the summer, you'll answer questions about the books you finished to 'claim' your prizes!


Tier 1

Read One Gospel (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John) and Genesis


Tier 2

Read One Book of Wisdom/Poetry (Job, Psalms, Proverbs, Ecclesiastes, or Song of Songs)


Tier 3

Read One Letter (any book Romans–James)


Tier 4

Read Exodus, One Book of History (any book Joshua–Esther) and One Book of Prophecy (any book Isaiah–Malachi)

While this will mostly be an “honors system” in approach, we will have brief discussions together to consider questions such as:


How would you summarize the book?


What was one of the biggest questions you had while reading? Did it get answered?


Is there an aspect of God this book emphasizes?


How were you personally affected by this book?


How do I claim a prize?

Come back to this page in August to fill out a Google Form that will help you claim your prizes!

I won't be in Kent this Fall. How can I participate?

Tier 1 and 2 prizes require presence in Kent to claim, but Tier 3 is open to anyone and Tier 4 is open to those who will be back in the Spring. But you must still complete all tiered reading in order!

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