God calls us to be servants of the church, not just consumers. Teams are place we serve and give our lives for the sake of others. They are the place we discover the passions and spiritual gifts God has given us and the ways they equip us to be a blessing to others.

What to Expect

Join staff, students, and city members on small teams of 5–10 to serve H2O on Sundays and throughout the week.

Music Team

Leading our church in worship each Sunday and during special events throughout the year is the mission of this team. Experience required.

Life Group Team

Leaders of our various life groups gather in this team to be equipped, coached, and supported in their leadership role. 
Apprenticeship required.

Experience Team

Making sure every visitor and regular attender of H2O feels welcomed and at home—with coffee and pastry in hand—is the task of the this team.

Production Team

This team sets up and runs all the sound equipment, lighting, and slides we use each week at our worship gatherings.

Outreach Team

This team mobilizes our church to serve the poor, share the gospel, and be missionaries right where we live.

H2O Kids Team

Loving the children of H2O by teaching in the kids classrooms on Sundays is the mission of this team.

Special Events Team

This teams takes the lead in planning retreats and events that build community and position us to encounter God.

Design Team

This team creates print and digital content that tells the story of our church and the events and ministries we do. Experience required.

Operations Team

This team works hard behind-the-scenes on logistics that position our church to continue to expand in influence.

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