October 30, 2023

Sermon Series: How the Gospel Spreads

We are at our core an evangelical movement. While we operate as a church, our main purpose is not the establishment of a church polity or the preservation of a permanent institution. Instead, as an evangelical focused church, we are about seeing the good news of Jesus shared, spread, accepted, and multiplied. One way to infuse and deepen this evangelical spirit into our church is by studying and rejoicing in the way the earliest churches were captured and caught up in this spirit and mission.

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October 2, 2023

Sermon Series: The Gospel Is…

As we move into a post-Christian culture, a result is not simply skepticism regarding Christianity and its goodness, but a lack of understanding, and even ignorance of its claims. This series is an invitation to simplicity and to first things. What is the gospel of Jesus Christ? What is the good news? While these are simple and basic questions, the answers are enormous, beautiful, and utterly life-changing. The short series looks at a basic answer to the question: What is the gospel? And each week points us to the centrality of Christ to everything that we believe.

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September 8, 2023

Sermon Series: Getting Out

In the past decade, we’ve witnessed a rapid acceleration of the shift towards a Post-Christian society in North America. Furthermore, the COVID-19 Pandemic forced the Church to be more “Inward” and “Upward” but less “Outward.” Now, however, we’re noticing a return to socialization and spiritual engagement.

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April 28, 2023

Sermon Series: Spiritual Disciplines

Jesus is the embodiment of each of the Spiritual Disciplines, and practiced them himself. He did this because he understood that disciplines trade earthly and worldly things for a far better gift: God himself.

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